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About Our Bail Bond Services in Kent, WA

Help your friends or family get out of jail following an arrest by turning to Evergreen Bail Bonds for assistance. We offer a number of bail bond services in Kent, WA, and our expert staff knows exactly what to do to obtain your loved one’s release.


Our agents pride themselves on providing efficient service, thanks to our extensive knowledge of the criminal justice system. You can count on us to secure the necessary bond as quickly as possible.


Providing Speedy Results


In our business, speed is of the essence, so our agents are always ready to prepare the paperwork for your bail bonds. Our fully licensed bail bond agents are available to assists 24/7 and can also come to you with our mobile service. This helps to significantly reduce the amount of time your friend or loved one is spending in jail.


Additionally, we offer financing options for a variety of bail bonds, including misdemeanor and county jail bonds. By providing a variety of options for our bail bonds services, our team is able to serve you and your relatives through this challenging time. We also have connections with a number of legal professionals in the area. Our agents can use these connections to help you find the lawyer you need to assist with your legal troubles.


Contact us to learn more about our agency and the services we have to offer for your bail bond needs. We proudly serve Kent, WA, and the surrounding areas.